Halloween is the one time of year that I can legitimately rock huge, crimped hair unless someone throws an 80s/90s party AND DAMNIT I WILL DO IT AT EVERY EXCUSE!

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Riesa smiled as she and Sean walked in the vague direction of the school. It would be nice to spend some time together for once. Sean seemed uninterested but it was a start. As the school bus passed them, her stomach back-flipped with nerves. She was really skipping school! She dreaded to think what would happen when her parents found out.

Riesa realised that getting the school bus would make things harder as more people would see them so she figured out a solution.

"Hey Mum, is it okay if Sean and I walk to school today?" She smiled her best innocent smile.

"Uh sure…any reason why?" Ola asked.

"Well it’s just such a lovely morning and we haven’t been talking much recently…"

Ola considered her daughter’s words. She was right, Riesa and Sean had been quite distant for a while and anything that brought them closer was a good thing in her eyes.

"Okay. Text me as soon as you arrive though."

"Sean, are you really going to skip school?" Cosmo asked.

"Yeah why? Coming with me?" He smiled.

"No. I think you’re being stupid."

"Fine! Riesa and I will have a great time! No maths for us!”

Finn was trying to relax before knuckling down to build some toys to sell but Octavian had other ideas.

"Dadslave! I hereby declare today and every other day Footballday and you must play football with me from now on and I shall never set foot in ye olde school ever again!" He announced.

"Nice try, Octavian. Get off of the chair before your mum sees you." Finn sighed.

"THE LAND HAS A NEW KING! Dadslave, you are wasting energy! Please start lighting the house with candles or I will send you to dad jail!"

"Puck….we use energy saving bulbs and most of us are clumsy. Do you really think that cand…."





Good night, Simblr! I should have a little queue of Cross posts coming :)

Good night, Simblr! I should have a little queue of Cross posts coming :)