These are an edit of an edit of an original skin by Aikea_Guinea and as a result, most of the credit should go to her for these. They are defaults as they’re the only skintone that I use in my game. They work for all ages but I’ve only touched the body skins that are linked to teens-elders. The rest are Aikea_Guinea’s originals.

I always loved the original skintone but there were a few bits that I wanted to change for personal taste so I did a few adjustments and uploaded my previous version before.

I’ve now decided to make some further adjustments and upload this new version.

New changes since my last edit:

*Higher navel
*Less pronounced pectorals, hips and stomach

*Lighter and slightly recoloured areola
*Removal of breast crease so that the breast looks flatter on smaller busted sims or sims with the obvious breast job look but still natural on naturally larger busted sims.

Changes still standing from the last edit:

Male -
*Pinker areola
*Higher pectoral muscles and less pronounced ribs
*Replaced navel and removal of ‘happy trail’

For facial previews, please look at Aikea_Guinea's original as I haven't touched the faces at all and have no intention of doing so as I think it's beautiful the way it is!

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