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I’ve been meaning to upload these for a while! I love Aikea_Guinea’s default skintones but as with everything, I like to fiddle about with it and make it suit my own tastes. This version is similar to version two but the muscle is less defined to allow more differentiation when using the muscle definition slider in game and to avoid fat six packs! The body image is also doubled in size to allow more detail for those of you who use an HQ mod like I do and various details like the belly button and areola are more defined. I’ve also fixed the mismatched elder male face.

For further changes from and links to the original, see here and here!

Anyhoo there’s not much more to say! They’re suitable for the same male genital map that Aikea’s defaults work with so are useable with CMar’s penis mod…and looks lovely with Buhudain’s bump-maps!

For little things shown like body hair and freckles, see my resources page and downloads categories.

The non-defaults should work for all EA skintone ramps….I like to have lots of things so I clicked all of that!

Thank you so much to Aikea Guinea for the originals (I love them and you’ve saved me from the horrible base skins for almost as long as I’ve had the game)!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy them and if not…here’s some naked sims uh…demonstrating them and my serious abuse of body sliders!

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    Non-Defaults are fixed! Sorry it took so long! I’ve tested them in a CC-free game and they’re fine.
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